Jenny Panda
– primarily an artist in acrylics, is also a writer
and illustrator of children’s literature.
Born in India, raised in England, she taught in elementary schools in England and Halton for 34 years with an emphasis on creativity, imaginative play, individuality and fun in all subject areas especially Art, Language Arts, Music and Computers.
A member of the Fine Arts Society of Milton , the Escarpment Artists and Arts Milton, her artwork can be viewed in art shows in and around the area.
Her work is primarily in acrylics with some mixed media, printmaking and inventive experimentation, focusing on:
the patterns and textures of both the natural and the imaginary world; portraiture of people and animals; illustrations of the whimsical, magical characters and events in her
children’s novels.
Jenny has published several books for children and enjoys visiting schools
to show her colourful, quixotic artwork and to read from her novels and
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