We are preparing for Heart 2 Hand 2010 at the Milton Sports’ Centre. Invitations will be out next week for   Friday, March 5th and cards for Sat March 6th. We shall again have aSilent Auction. Who knows what I shall paint for that. Last year I gave FASM a panda, a tree, a unicorn and a canvas that said YOUR FACE HERE!  I ended up painting the face of a girl who was the Mock Turtle in Alice in Wonderland at her High School. It was fun to paint as she had a green face, blue hair and the background was bright red. Wild! When I find a pic of it I shall put it here.

We are also giving FASM, photos for the October studio tour brochure . This is many moons away but I shall give a pink cat

[ and Esmeralda  as well as others possibly

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