A Painting I did of Marion, a founding member of our Art Group.


It was many and many a year ago

When I first saw her doing Tai Chi.

She was wearing a golden satin suit,

Shining brightly for all to see.

And the women who followed her gentle moves

Imitated her carefully.


Kindly and clever, funny and smart,

She inspired all with tales of the past.

Marion held us enthralled with her wonderful life-

Entertained us many a laugh.


She painted the Main Street all through the year

In Spring and in Summer and Fall.

With a delicate touch, her pictures were bright,

Now hanging on many a wall.


Up to the last she continued to learn-

Painting portraits and jazz she could play.

Her brilliance continues to shine in our hearts

And inspire us for many a day.


Jenny Panda


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