For this cover I used a watercolour monoprint of daisies that  I did awhile ago.

My favourite poem in the little book WHIMSY is:



‘Twas in a little cafe on the main street of our town,

That our poetry group met every month

Dissolving every frown.

One evening, we gathered there.

Friends and newcomers to find

In a far dark corner sat a man

With melancholy mind.

He’d come to tell his story.

A mournful tearful tale

Of how his love was taken and eaten by a whale.

She’d gold hair streaked with silver,

Her lips, lush rosy hue,

Her eyes were soft and gentle,

Her faults were far, and few.

They were on the ferry over from Halifax, across

The waters of the Maritimes.

Twas there the boat did toss.

They stood upon the surging deck better to feel the spray

The air was fresh, the view was clear.

It was a sunny day.

Suddenly, from down below, emerged a hulking whale.

The boat was caught upon its back and buffeted by its tail.

The whirling boat spun wildly and tossed the crowd around.

His lovely girl laughed with them.

She stretched out to hold his hand.

Reaching desperately to catch her,

They touched their fingertips.

Then over the rail was thrown his girl as the ferry rolled and dipped.

Her name he called out vainly, but never more did see.

Her perfect face, her eyes, her grace.

Her soul soared and was free.

She must have then been swallowed up

By that monster of the sea.

The man explained with face of stone, as we listened tearfully.

“She probably was merely drowned. “

One kind old lady said.

“I don’t think whales eat people.

But I’m sure the poor girl’s dead.”

“You‘ve cheered me up!”

The man replied and a crooked smile he gave

Then he turned around

And saying “Farewell”,

He left with a poignant wave.


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