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(published Fall 2015)

tells of the adventures of Widzer’s sister’s adventures when she leaves her home in the Guthswuppian Mountains to find a new life in the real world.

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the third and possibly  the final book in the Glissen trilogy- tells about the adventures of Flidzerina, Widzer’s sister, who leaves her home in the Guthswuppian Mountains to find a new life in the ‘real world’.

In this episode- she swims with the Water Fairies.


The first book in the trilogy is : TALES OF GLISSEN

(children’s novel)(2nd edition)


-not just a fairy story about an Ice Witch

and her friends-

but is about finding friends and building character.

Includes great tried and tested creative ideas (for crafts and writing)

This is a children’s fantasy novel about dreams, friends, and  adventures into the imagination.

It’s about making friends, solving problems and celebrating life. It also features practical and fun craft and story writing  ideas for children.



the second book in the trilogy is:



In this story, Widzer,

who we met in the first novel,

travels back to his family home

to find that it has disappeared.

Includes great tried and tested

creative ideas as well as ways to improve memory!

Widzer’s Visit (Written and illustrated by Jenny Panda) December 2008

This novel for readers age 6 to 102+ is about Widzer the wizard,

who we met in the first novel Tales of Glissen (Glissen is the Ice witch).

In the new novel are some characters from the first novel: eg Esmeralda the gorilla; the histrionic Nuddlekrakes; Tingle the Dragon. We now meet the wags who are little creatures with 6 arms. They are busybodies. They are pretty until they open their mouths then their sharp little teeth are seen.

We also meet Grampa with his sparkling chimes; Hekoeeko who likes to echo others’ words and Timmy the little dog who suffers from boredom until he goes to sleep and finds himself in Widzer’s world.


 also available is:- TALES OF GLISSEN ABC-

illustrated book showing characters in the Glissen stories.






Far away and several years after Flidzerina had begun her new adventure, there sailed a cloud carrying a strange assortment of creatures.

Flidz’s brother Widzer had visited his home in the Guthswuppian Mountains and was returning home to his valley with some relations and friends.

Hekoeeko, his sister, was with them, bedecked with her many ponytails, her colourful robes, striped socks and a bunch of lilies that had been picked from out of the darkness under their mountain. The scent from the lilies caused her to sneeze violently but this just helped to power the cloud so that it could move more speedily through the sky.

Their Grampa sat on the cloud too, happily watching the world as it passed below them. He sang as they traveled, a humming magical song that cheered everyone and made their hearts feel glad. Every so often he tossed a handful of sparkling stars into the sky and as these fell onto the world below, those who saw or felt them were content.

The friendly cloudpackers continued to catch moisture from the air around them and helped to strengthen the dense part of cloud where Esmeralda (the gorilla) eventually fell asleep. The sound of her snores may have been heard in Your Town as they soared overhead.

Widzer’s Gramma and her cloudpacker buddies were with them on the cloud, steering and navigating the group around high mountains and tall trees;avoiding planes and a V-formation of high flying Canada Geese who honked crossly as they passed by.

“You guys are interfering with our flight path down south you know! I hope you got permission to use our air space! Eh?”

Also on the overcrowded cloud sat a couple of Wags: pretty little creatures with wings, two legs and six arms: Kloey and Jijy. They were cold and a little homesick. They snuggled up in Esmeralda’s long fur and tried to sleep too.

Eventually they arrived at Widzer’s Valley.

They knew they were near when they heard the noise of happy people celebrating everything they loved about life. They saw great displays of fireworks and smelled the delectable food that was continually being prepared, eaten and enjoyed by all the partygoers.

Widzer was happy to be back but he still was a little uncertain whether he really wanted an everlasting party in his home.

He built an invisible soundproof wall around his home and magicked a duplicate mansion at the end of his garden.

“Now we can attend the party when we want to!” he explained to his family.

“Maybe now and then will be great!” declared Esmeralda “but not now. I need a rest!”

With that the travelers fell blissfully asleep inside the new mansion and some dreamed of Flidzerina.









Whimsy  (poetry primarily for children) 

 also available:

On the Road to Bethlehem in Milton

Picture Book suitable for colouring with short story about a little girl’s adventures

at the annual Christmas pageant that is held in Country Heritage Park in Milton.


As a teacher I encouraged children to use their imaginations to write stories. This developed confidence and pride while concocting some new adventure or character. The stories that children read influence them deeply. The situations and ideas should help children to deal with their problems. Good stories encourage readers to think and be inspired to write more themselves.

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