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My name is Jenny Panda and I am an artist / author in Milton, Ontario.

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My Book Talks in Schools to introduce my books and artwork

to any size or age of groups of children are FREE !!!

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-painting mainly in acrylics and mixed media but also use pencil; ink; pastel; water colour; oils; fabric and paper collage;  dolls and puppets.


-have concentrated a great deal on portraits and life drawing of people and animals.


·         fine art and puppetry   at Westhill College in Birmingham, UK

·         life drawing and portraits at Sheridan College in Oakville

·         life drawing and fine art at OCAD, Toronto


·         printmaking at Wilfred Laurier University , Waterloo


Tales of Glissen (children’s novel) -2nd Edition

-writer and Illustrator

-not just a fairy story about an Ice Witch

and her friends-

but is about finding friends and building character.

Includes great tried and tested creative ideas

(for crafts and writing)


Widzer’s Visit(children’s novel)

-also about finding friends

and how discovering something useful to do

improves life, attitude and behaviour.

In this story, Widzer,

who we met in the first novel,

travels back to his family home

to find that it has disappeared.

Includes great tried and tested

creative ideas as well as ways to improve memory!


 FLIDZERINA(children’s novel)

This is the 3rd book in the Glissen series.

It tells how Widzer’s sister decides to seek her fortune in the real world. Several of the popular characters from the other two stories have adventures in this book including: Glissen, Widzer, Hekoeeko, Twitty and Gramma. At the end of the book, Flidzerina has to decide whether to stay in the real world or return to the enchanted Guthswuppian Mountains.

On the Road to Bethlehem

(about a lost girl’s experiences

at the annual Christmas pageant

at the Farm Museum in Milton




-Editor of theFASM Cookbook


and Express the Arts (poetry) at the Milton Café



Retired Primary School Teacher (English trained)

(34 years including 16 years

at Martin Street PS in Milton) 

Teacher of a series of ARTFUL POETRY workshops at Queen Elizabeth Park Community Centre in Oakville, Ontario

for 4-6, 7-11 and 12 to 14 year olds.

(next session will take place during March 2013)


for Book Talks in Schools to introduce Jenny Panda’s books and artwork to groups of children- FREE !!!

-Administrator of

Fine Arts Society of Milton website: www.fasm.ca




Trained as a Primary School Teacher in the Midlands of England in the 60s, my focus has always been the Arts. I have studied art in Birmingham, Waterloo, Toronto and Sheridan College in Oakville. During my 34 years of teaching, I constantly worked to encourage spontaneity and motivate creativity in children in England (Birmingham & Hertfordshire) and here in Canada (Oakville & Milton). Now that I have retired from teaching, I am able to concentrate more fully on my own interests: art, literature and poetry.

My Artwork

Delighting in art all my life, especially as a student in the 60s and 70s, I am happy to spend more time now on my own artwork. The work is mostly acrylic paintings, however I also use oils, watercolours and any media at hand. My subjects vary from realistic scenes and pictures to a visual exploration of patterns and shapes. I am fascinated by people and enjoy creating portraits. These I can do from life or from photographs. I have had great success working with old snapshots taken many years ago.

I also enjoy printmaking, especially monotypes using natural materials and water based and oil based paint. My experiments in artwork also involve soft sculpture, puppets, applique and quilting. Collage pictures are also an interest of mine, using all kinds of assorted paraphernalia. Overall, I love to experiment with new ideas and varied media.

My Poetry

In addition to writing my own poems,  I used to coordinate Express the Arts, which was a monthly get together where poets and artists from the area gathered and shared their work. We met from 7 to 9:30 pm on the first Friday evening of every month. It was an open microphone for anyone to share or to listen and enjoy. Everyone was welcome to express his or her ideas and talents in a congenial atmosphere. We encouraged the sharing of music and artwork at each session as well as a variety of poems. 




















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