for Book Talks in Schools to introduce my books and artwork

to any size or age of groups of children- FREE !!!


(please note I do not do ‘high pressure’ selling of books! If there are hardly any orders I am not too worried! I really enjoy talking to children and feeling that I have somehow inspired and motivated a potential writer/artist!)

Since 2003 I have presented my books to various schools in the Halton Area.

Some of the schools I have visited (some more than once) have been:

Martin St PS , Milton

Sam Sherratt PS, Milton

Robert Baldwin PS, Milton

Brantwood PS. Oakville

Pineland PS, Burlington

EWFoster PS, Milton

Mackenzie Smith Bennett PS, Acton

Glen Williams PS, Georgetown

PL Robertson PS, Milton

JM Denyes PS, Milton

Milton Home School

Milton Christian School

My visits usually involve G2 to 5 but I have often presented to G1.

My novels tend to appeal to 6 to 100+ year olds the best.

Smaller groups work better as children always have many questions which are easier to answer with a smaller group in a library setting or in a classroom.


I show and talk about my artwork and illustrations to do with my stories.

I read short excerpts from my books and talk about the characters; my inspiration ; motivation and what is involved in writing books.


I have a letter and order form which I ask to be run off at each school and handed out for children to take home.

I then give a week for orders with payment which is collected and  I pick up from the office, library or teacher.

I bring the books in to school ASAP. This usually only takes a couple of days.


This is the new cover of Tales of Glissen.

The Dragon on the cover is Tingle.

Do not let him scare you!

Tingle is a vegetarian and only uses his firey breath  to warm the secret mansion of Gladys’ rescued sisters or to create glorious firework demonstrations.

He is kind and gentle. Since his early years, after emerging from an egg, he has been cared for by the friendly  Widzer. The wizard is a great friend  of Ice Witch Glissen who lives on top of Ice Mountain with her moody black cat and helpful pixie.

The children’s novel: Tales of Glissen is in its 2nd edition and has been enjoyed by many children and adults alike, being a fairy story primarily about the kindness of friends. Delving into the  tales about the gloomy Ice Witch helps to exercise the imagination. There is much to inspire and entertain in the story which ends with a chapter full of art and story writing ideas.

A second novel in this series is Widzer’s Visit which continues the adventures of the friends and relations of characters we met in the first book.

Flidzerina is a third book in the series. It tells of how Wizard Widzer’s sister leaves the magical world in the Guthswuppian Mountains and searches for a place where she can feel useful in the real world. She meets water fairies, dragons, an ogre and many of our favourites from the other two novels. The question is – Does she ever return to Guthswuppia?


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